Albert Camus, a renowned French philosopher who was instrumental in creating the theory of Absurdism had gone on to win the Nobel Prize in literature in 1956. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing philosophy, literature, politics and history, John Foley examines the full breadth of Camus' ideas to provide a comprehensive and rigorous study of his political and philosophical thought and a significant contribution to a range of debates current in Camus research. These essays delve into important and revolutionary moments which often challenge the very best of humanity. Albert Camus (1913-1960) was an Algerian-born French author, philosopher, and journalist. Arguably one of his best works to date; the novel was unfinished and was discovered in his car wreck – Albert Camus sadly passed away as a result of this accident with the book being published nearly thirty years later. Free Philosophy Courses. Albert Camus (November 7, 1913–January 4, 1960) was a French-Algerian writer, dramatist, and moralist. The story revolves around a murderer who manages to escape from the clutches of the law and yet continues to lead a fulfilled life till the end. In 1957, he won the Nobel Prize in Literature for illuminating "the problems of the human conscience in our times." He won the Nobel Prize in Literature at the age of 44 in 1957, the second youngest recipient in history. Albert Camus was a renowned author, journalist, philosopher, and a Nobel Prize winner from France. The Absurd Philosophy of Albert Camus Presented in a Short Animated Film by Alain De Botton. A beautifully developed novel from start to finish which is why it is ranked as one of Albert Camus best books. The Best Books by Albert Camus recommended by Jamie Lombardi. Albert Camus (; French: [albɛʁ kamy] (listen); 7 November 1913 – 4 January 1960) was a French philosopher, author, and journalist. Albert Camus was born in northern Algeria in extreme poverty, but went on to become one of the best-known French philosophers of the 20th century. One of his famous books to date, this one explores our motivations and dissects our actions through some of the most turbulent parts of our history including revolutions. Publishers description: Albert Camus is one of the iconic figures of twentieth-century French literature, one of France’s most widely read modern literary authors and one of the youngest winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature. Albert Camus (2012). The book follows the main protagonist as he expresses his love for his illiterate mother with his teacher making an impact on his life as well. This novel revolves around the life of the main protagonist as he refuses to conform to our generally held beliefs and societal norms. Language: English. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Limited-time offer. Albert Camus: The Madness of Sincerity — 1997 Documentary Revisits the Philosopher’s Life & Work This little book of quotes by Albert Camus covers all his profound quotes on life, love, and philosophy. "Albert Camus". The book has been well developed and provides you with more information on Albert Camus himself which is why it is ranked as one of the top 10 books by Albert Camus. Brand new Book. Camus was famed for the harshly honest light with which he illuminated the problems plaguing contemporary society, and, in 1957, his artistic skill earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature. As the name suggests, the story revolves around an ex-lawyer as he confronts his own failings. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Albert Camus: A Little Book of Essential Quotes on Life, Philosophy, and Happiness by Little Books of Wisdom and Albert Camus 4.5 out of 5 stars 11 In Edward N. Zalta (ed.). This book definitely showcases Camus at his creative best and this is why it is one of Albert Camus bestsellers. Camus died in a car-crash, aged just 46, three years after receiving his Nobel Prize. Camuss earliest published writing containing philosophical thinking, Nuptials, appeared in Algeria in 1938, and remain the basis of his later work. . Albert Camus was born in Algeria in 1913, a French colony at the time. The story revolves around Caligula, the Roman emperor who descended on hearing the death of his sister Drusilla. it should be remembered that Camus spent his early years in Algeria which is why most of his novels are based on the same. So for all the Camus lovers out there, you would definitely need to read this book as it is one of Albert Camus bestsellers. He was born in a poor working-class family, his mother was an illiterate cleaning lady, and there were no books in his house, he lost his father when he was a few months old in the First World War.

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