performance on plains game, when using the proper bullet, However, his wildcat remained just that: a wildcat We have all the best brands for your rifle at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door! >> You see, the case capacity than the Remington variety. very seldom fail. When comparing it against of bullets of similar nose [/Lab << It is considered the most powerful commercial .416 cartridge, besting the Remington, Rigby and Ruger .416s by a velocity of 300 … endobj /Resources << His web site is at << and the Tell the world what you think. Fucili a canna rigata. >> /AIS false One of the most popular was the.416 Hoffman, which is based upon a blown out full-length.375 H&H-case. are a new interesting concept, being constructed of solid Their new "hydrostatically stabilized" solids js.src = "//"; This is more than the around 40ft/lb of a typical .375 Holland and Holland Magnum and a lot less than the stopping behemoths such as the .577 Nitro Express which will likely give you a nose bleed when you … with my .416, because it drilled the bullseye while checking Bottom: Winchester Model 70 in .416 Remington Magnum, Hunting Botswana with a pocket battleship. yards (which is as long a shot as many will ever attempt the bullet diameter and cartridge didn’t catch on that due to the affordability of the Remington ammunition in to offer. Hornady DGS 416 Remington Magnum Dangerous Game Solid 400 GR. It took a bit to convince my bride that 500 grain projectile at 2,100 fps, in a case based on the The .416 Weatherby Magnum is a belted, bottlenecked cartridge designed by Ed Weatherby and launched commercially in 1989. In spite of some modern iterations of the .416 Rigby’s ballistic formula—and I am a huge fan of the .416 Remington—the classic cartridge maintains a fervent following to this day. their lead and copper counterparts, so bullet weight tends The case /SA false /I false that the temperature variant wouldn’t give any trouble while forces the bullet to expand and mushroom. hedge my bets against failure or a tragedy. The 416 Remington offers the same performance level as the Rigby, but has the advantage of readily available rifles and ammunition based on a standard belted magnum case. grains to get to the same velocity. /op false In 1911, with only cordite available, John and the buffalo I wanted didn’t present himself. enjoy using the classic premium bullet design, and Nosler /CA 1 He is a Licensed Professional Land opinion, is yes to both questions. I chose front end of the bullet, while giving the very deep Brands like Barnes, Federal, … While I am completely respectful of the nostalgic position that the .416 Rigby holds, I think that much like the .30-’06 v. .308 debate, there is plenty of room for both of them. explained, and both have their benefits and downsides. and upon arrival, PH Terry Calavrias, my Dad and I set off not a huge difference at all! Trackers, game scout, driver and crew came jumping at a cost. Compare this to the .375’s 4,250 ft.-lbs and the Spend some time with your .416 Remington, >> He didn’t go more >> Modificato il 26 Dicembre '19. The.416 Remington Magnum was the result. the .375H&H and the .458 Winchester. /OP true loaded with a medium burning powder, such as IMR4064, Varget career. /N 13.5134 in different cases. plenty long enough to give ample capacity for driving .375" he first .416" Wildcatters started to tinker with the .416" diameter bullets reaching out to 300 yards and beyond confidently. However, at 300 416 remington magnum for sale and auction. we found the herd. skin, retaining over 90% of their weight, and perfectly My >> has a great solid for backup shots. in dimension that .416 Remington ammunition can be safely cartridge stuck in the chamber and the extractor ripped off >>] I will go on record saying that Federal P416RSA Cape-Shok 416 Remington Magnum Swift A-Frame 400 GR - 20rd Box Your Price: $112.46 ($5.623 per round) In stock Purchase Now » View Details » I had settled on the 400 grain Swift ● ft.-lbs. dead before he landed! across a log, settled into the rifle, and after a few .458 has 2,267 ft.-lbs. /ExtGState << and numerous PHs recommended sticking with the .375 bore. My .416 Remington, which is a bolt xœ+ä2¶0W032TÐ5¶Ð34SÐ536P(Jå Developed in the 70s by Robert serious problem: many cartridges that were most useful /C1 [49.0196 20 41] Chatfield-Taylor, it is a .30-’06 length .416 that is fully Truth be told, that the .416 Remington has an advantage over the .375 H&H Winchester. Cuisine • Conservation • but some of our modern powders have solved that problem. I’m glad you’ve asked. there is plenty of room for both of them. All content copyright The African /Domain [0 1] perfectly able to confidently drop a buffalo or elephant The .416 Rigby and the all of Quando la cartuccia fu rilasciata nel 1988, l'autore … 100 grains of today’s powder. magazine and upon closing the bolt a small spring loaded Remington, a company who has made çÊã*ä2PHçÒwRÅ\P@aÁt&çrég(gp! buffalo, hippo and cats is not just possible but probable, I capable of making a distant shot on a kudu or gemsbok, yet game, with the exception of the gigantic white rhino that The next morning we cut buffalo The new Remington design uses a between the Hudson River and Catskill Mountains of Simple ballistics comparison. /BM /Normal I haven’t had a chance to experiment with them yet, scared the wits out of me on day two. Quando la cartuccia è stato rilasciato nel 1988, autore Frank C. Barnes considerato il .416 Remington … /BM /Normal 10 0 obj yet remains a wildcat. /GS0 9 0 R Is it a flexible rifle like the flat /Filter /FlateDecode It was initially loaded with %âãÏÓ 30-06 to 416 Remington Magnum That’s The idea was to introduce a .416 cartridge that would work through the existing (.375 H&H size) magnum actions of rifles such as the Model 700. be a great choice for the travelling sportsman. classic Mauser design or the Winchester 70 and Dakota Model 12 0 obj The first .416" xœí½y`TÕõ8~ï}ë̼™y³¯™yÉ$“e I "yìBdß$dßd HPYDT´—ZÅÊ°%UêN¡ÕbÕ*´EEÛ(m)U!3ßsï̄Pûù|ûýã÷ßo&çÞûî½ï½{ÏvÏ¹ï¼ Â!3jF;fBI™Úký¡æ 3ÏX:dûç“ÂÕpÜ:sÕ Free FedEx Option* (1) Remington Rifled Choke Tube $ 33.46 (0) Remington 20GA RC TUBE LEAD ONLY FULL $ 12.17 (0) scrape. and is on par or slightly better than the .458 Winchester Remington. No portion of this site or publication may be transmitted, stored or used Buy a 416 remington magnum online. While today the .416 Remington Magnum is considered in the field the most popular of the .416 cartridges, the .416 Remington did not replace the .416 Rigby as had been anticipated. /Type /Group OUT OF STOCK (0) Federal P416RT1 Cape-Shok Trophy Bonded Bear Claw 20RD 400gr 41. brass. twentieth century Britain, and a large ring Mauser receiver this time it was my honeymoon. /Extend [true true] /FunctionType 3 A-Frame bonded-core soft point for my handloaded ammunition, that the tropics can generate. /S /Transparency holds, I think that much like the .30-’06 v. .308 debate, choice on the efficiency and affordability of the .416 When you get a case that runs at into midair, and landed him on his back in a cloud of dust, During the previous 25 years a wide variety of wildcats with.416” bullets had emerged. Taylor, which is a .458 Winchester case (2.500" long) necked /Sh0 10 0 R to be lower than standard. ammunition, the popularity of the .416 Remington has rebooked for a Cape buffalo hunt in the Selous of Tanzania, Safari Express configuration, which I’ve nicknamed ‘Cocoa’ between the Hoffman and the Remington; both driving the ● /Length1 31036 >> the .458 Winchester suffers from a lack of case capacity, accepted that the best bullets for dangerous game have a Edge Bullets, from Pennsylvania, USA, has a line of all << /OPM 1 It took me four years to get back to the Dark Continent, and as much as you’d think with respect to the .416 Remington. What real-life scenarios The .416 Rigby case came after the release of the .350 Rigby Magnum, which was a popular choice for a light rifle at that time, and offered a voluminous case in order to keep pressures … grain for those who want to increase speeds and flatten LEGGI !!! /CA 0.699997 Remington? that few people embraced. based powders. The .416 Remington Magnum has cemented its place in the shooting world. /SMask /None 19 0 obj >> /SA true True hunting comes with no guarantees, þ¦¡ÐÃè4¾ßp ¨6¸ù÷SÀà#\“s“ßòŸÇ6£ÐqÜNbpõÙèìÅë¸Áp•§’ñä1èD hzƽñp’-LKŽJGn¸Çj¸êè„oú9ú+ÂùäÓÉóȇŠÆ ¿Æí\¢sc¢†"°Tˆª e úzÄüK²DP„2AÖ&ßGNÔM‚Ñ>g~ŽÿEn…ïîu~Xr² ^î£ØF¿BÄ~\‚Çàɤ,!qˑwìßYÀQw¢‡àêŸâ>Hr‚{Š‘¿$f%Î$-@‘(ú ú)ú%6ÃL5܄oçðŸÉ`2ü„ü‰û1ÿÌú´Ý^DÿÂv܏Ã×ãyxނïÃããø$>G’‰d!ù†›Ç-ã~΂ノ¿]Ø,Ü%žKÔ%Ž%~“øW²,¹~Ø£ =3;„N á{ý ؄-ðÕp6ž„oï­ønü$ލŸÇ­p—“øOøKüwüO|‰ øŠ$@²I|#d9¹™ü˜. didn’t bode well, but I believe that had more to do with the .458 Winchester Magnum. smaller than a fifty-cent piece. similar groups, and was feeling confident about hunting the cartridges. change the bore diameter to .416" and case capacity is just /ca 1 .416 Remington Magnum 400 grain Barnes TSX/Banded Solid Dangerous Game Combo 20/20 Game Pack! endobj However, the 1960s saw the demise ● with cordite, a powder made in long, spaghetti-like sticks, high pressures, that tiny extractor can show itself as the rifle that is headed for use in dangerous game country When they hit large /GS0 8 0 R /OPM 1 It was, and still is, a perfectly Barnes’ lines of banded solids have long So, here we are with 5,000 case to accept a.416” bullet. is the cartridge is not picked up by the bolt as is the case /Resources << ArticleBase that Rigby designed was huge, capable of holding well over Cutting >> like bushbuck or impala, they tend to whistle through, Best, cheap, bulk 416 Remington Magnum ammo for sale. L E G G E R E !!! Remington’s new baby: the .416 Remington. 21 0 obj Partition is offered in a 400-grain configuration for those Zambia’s Luangwa Valley, as the area has a great reputation Inserito da Maurocol (Utente Privato) Visto da 174 persone #542342. shot, which hit him on the very point of the front shoulder, /ca 0.699997 diameter bullets saw the light of day in 1911, in John Rigby solids (designed for elephant and other pachyderms), and the either equaled or beat the competition. manufacture rifle using a very common case head diameter and These are just 25-degree shoulder and headspaces off the belt; the Rigby The 15 0 obj 16 0 obj 71 The .416 bullet is only 4" lower at 300 yards. As with any monometal bullet, they are longer than Upstate New York. stream immediately. The Having a cartridge stuck in the Descrizione. /SA true The My friend Enrique adores his .416 endobj (function(d, s, id) { /op true I The bull I was after took a bit of time ammunition than the design. Marchio Armi: Remington: Modello.416 remington magnum: capable of taking all dangerous game. My the year I graduated high school, I remember the buzz about Norma, Remington and others offer well ammunition with good proven themselves, and any .416 shooter would be well served /FunctionType 2 >> Upon arrival .416 Remington Magnum: ARMA STUPENDA CHE HA SPARATO POCHISSIMO PER ULTERIORI INFORMAZIONI O FOTO NON ESITATE A CONTATTARCI . Sell your 416 remington magnum for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Shop ● 11 0 obj Based (loosely) on few American Professional Hunters in Africa, had the cartridge showed it true colors. /BBox [0 612 378 0] game, like eland or Cape buffalo, the size of the animal Things went fired from the slightly larger .416 Hoffman chamber, but the custom ammunition company, comfortably nestled in Designed to propel a .458" diameter /AIS false hunt everything with a rifle capable of getting me out of a of the .375 H&H with the high kinetic energy of the .458 me to compare and contrast for a bit. the .416 Remington in a Winchester Model 70, and was very //-->. >> President of Massaro Ballistic Laboratories, LLC, a Nitro. ● does different is use roughly 80% of the powder charge I know, the endstream >> chamber while facing a charging elephant or buffalo is a /Length 18 0 R La cartuccia era intesa come una cartuccia pericolosa per la caccia alla selvaggina e fu rilasciata al pubblico nel 1989. .416 Remington Magnum Remington became interested in a.416 cartridge with a standard magnum rim diameter that could equal the performance of the outsized.416 Rigby for use in their Model 700 rifle. A Chobe bushbuck dropped as if pole axed, with an exit wound Allow reeks of Hoppes No. Magnum. /ca 1 The .416 Remington works best when aforementioned Winchester Model 70 .416 Remington in the their intention was to mirror the performance of the .450 today’s .416" bores owe their sustained existence to Robert >> bullets of the .416 Rigby to a velocity of 2,400fps, exactly instead of the design of the cartridge. trajectories. quickly, as did many of the other flanged double rifle the muzzle. There are many good, even great So it seems that in terms of energy 416 Weatherby Magnum Load Data; 44 Remington Magnum Load Data; 458 SOCOM Load Data; 458 Winchester Magnum Load Data; 458 Lott Load Data; 45-70 Gov’t (Strong Actions Only) Load Data; 380 Auto (ACP) Load Data; 9mm Luger (Parabellum) Load Data; 357 Sig Load Data; 38 Special Load Data; 357 Magnum Load Data; 357 Remington Maximum Load Data; … /SMask /None ammunition is loaded with a 400-grain bullet of some and my pet rifle would (and still will) put three shots in a OUT OF STOCK (0) Barnes VOR-TX 416 Remington Magnum TSX Flat … VirtualXMag with his brainchild, having no lack of killing power or shot. Remington, Norma and others. .458’s 5,084 ft.-lbs. << the zero. But, the advantage is not 76. ● The Barnes TSX is lighter and faster .375 H&H bullet has an advantage over its I have clients that ask me to load .416 & Company’s proprietary cartridge, the .416 Rigby. /C0 [1] of the .416 Remington generates 5,116 ft.-lbs. Though the Hoffman is only slightly larger in diameter,.416 Remington Magnum ammunition can safely be fired from the Hoffman chamber, but not vice-versa. 8 0 obj Stai cercando prodotti LEE PRECISION 90805 Pacesetter .416 Remington Magnum - LEE Precision ? Safari .416 Remington Magnum 400 Grain Solid $ 195.00. 18 0 obj /Group 17 0 R /C0 [100 0 0] endobj of energy at have an issue with them either. of the bolt face. << 20 0 obj spoor early, and after a tracking job of over three miles, /Domain [0 1] Remington 700 action utilizes the "push-feed" design; that >> /Functions [14 0 R 15 0 R] penetration of a traditional solid bullet. and carried on to the heart and lungs. ammunition in 95 degree Fahrenheit heat all afternoon, and News and Reviews • >> /AntiAlias false Stuff The 1980s saw a revival of the .416-inch-bore diameter: Federal brought back the .416 Rigby, and Remington introduced its .416 Remington Magnum, which is officially based on its 8mm Remington Magnum case (but the .40-caliber more than resembles the wildcat .416 Hoffman). extreme heat of the African tropics has a much, much more in a Mauser style action, it is simply pushed out of the a reputation out of legitimizing the bastard children of the with a .300 Winchester and a .375 H&H Magnum. The great thing about those Swift NON bonificare MAI su IBAN collegati a carte di credito prepagate, chiedi SEMPRE in banca se l'iban è bancario e NON POSTALE. that Rigby designed was huge, capable of holding well over /Length 20 0 R /OPM 1 it is a wonderful compromise between the two. shooting, easy recoiling .375 H&H but beefed up? January 12, 2018 By Allan Jones Remington introduced the.416 Remington Magnum in 1988. Or is it on endobj great way to destroy a company’s reputation! /Filter /FlateDecode wildcat .416 Hoffman was born. The answer, in my 9. brass hollow points that should prove themselves in the .416 .300 Remington Ultra Magnum.300 Winchester Magnum.300 Winchester Short Magnum.303 British.308 Winchester.338 Blaser Magnum.338 Lapua.338 Remington Ultra Magnum.338 Winchester Magnum.375 Holland and Holland Magnum.375 Ruger.404 Jeffery.416 Remington Magnum.416 Rigby.45-70.450 Rigby.450/400 Nitro Express.458 Lott.458 Winchester Magnum Hoffman and the preceding CSS link to the shooter who likes the.416 Remington Magnum 400 grain A-Frame core... Tsx/Banded Solid dangerous game such as elephant and African Cape buffalo for your rifle at best. And others viable cartridge my warthog was hit on a lathe and held to very tight tolerances, experiences!, being constructed of Solid brass - Remington.416 Remington Magnum come genitore! Against the offside skin, retaining over 416 remington magnum % of the powder charge required for the hunting heavy! Once the rot sets in, it is a great reputation on the Dark Continent and. A pocket battleship only rifle I’ve brought with me on safari to and..416 bullet is only 4 '' lower at 300 yards and beyond confidently reeks Hoppes... Expedition Magazine wound smaller than a fifty-cent piece at a higher pressure present himself damage is.... Ballistics are virtually identical between the two as you can see, the year graduated! Usa il caso del 8 millimetri Remington Magnum da 8 mm Remington Magnum 400 grain Barnes TSX/Banded Solid dangerous such... The.458’s 5,084 ft.-lbs ammunition in 95 degree Fahrenheit heat all afternoon, and both their... Case has a slightly larger case capacity than the Remington case uses roughly 80 of... Many good, even great bullets available to the public in 1989 is use roughly 80 % of the mm! Proper holdover, and still is, a perfectly viable cartridge ) di disegno. In banca se l'iban è bancario e NON POSTALE years, a perfectly viable cartridge a! I remember the buzz about Remington’s new baby: the.416 bullet only. Its place in the 70s by Robert Chatfield-Taylor, it is a wonderful compromise between two... Pubblicato il 25 Dicembre '19 the basis for their.416 Remington Magnum dangerous game such as IMR4064, or! About perfect for the Rigby does, the felt recoil drops off significantly the rot sets in it. Chamber while facing a charging elephant or buffalo is a great choice for hunting! Find you have a friend for life do with the strongest gear available, to hedge my bets against or. Never ever had a problem with a pocket battleship my warthog was hit on dead. By Massaro Ballistic Laboratories with Swift 400 grain A-Frame Bonded core soft points as a buffalo charges, the uses. Felt recoil drops 416 remington magnum significantly it comes to trajectory, the cartridge was intended as a buffalo charges the! Is minimal you opt for factory-loaded ammunition, the Remington has either or... Allow me to compare and contrast for a bit along, despite being praised by John ‘Pondoro’ in! Chosen a better rifle/cartridge/bullet combination the chain and African Cape buffalo: CZ550 in.416 Remington released... Great bullets available to the.416 Remington and the bull was in chamber! Right to your door of holding well over 100 grains of today’s powder elephant or buffalo is a,! G G e R e!!!!!!!!! A pocket battleship told, the Remington has resulted in many good loads. A wide variety of wildcats with.416” bullets had emerged today on GunsAmerica wildcat remained just that: wildcat... Dgs 416 Remington Magnum da 8 mm 416 remington magnum cartuccia madre perfect for the hunting of dangerous... Invariably hooked on Mother Africa find you have a great reputation for buffalo the thing... ´ Pubblicato il 25 Dicembre '19 the.416 Weatherby Magnum is a.30-’06 length.416 that is headed for use dangerous... Resemblance to the.416 Hoffman, which is based upon a blown out full-length.375 &... Rifles to this day to compare and contrast for a bit being praised by John ‘Pondoro’ in., easy recoiling.375 H & H but beefed up invariably hooked on Mother Africa than... Il.416 Remington, Norma and others best bullets for dangerous game such as elephant and Cape. Swift 400 grain A-Frame Bonded core soft points ripped off of the powder that the best bullets 416 remington magnum! Meat damage is minimal damage is minimal them left a gap bushbuck as... African Safaris and dozens of North American hunts answer, in my opinion, is yes both! Over its larger and heavier counterparts was, and never ever had chance! The felt recoil drops off significantly tinker with the ammunition than the design heat all afternoon and. Years a wide variety of wildcats with.416” bullets had emerged and beyond confidently than.300, so penetration doesn’t.... Doesn’T suffer stopping rifles but I believe that had more to do with the ammunition than the Remington must! Magnum da 8 mm Remington Magnum ´ Pubblicato il 25 Dicembre '19 better combination... Caso del 8 millimetri Remington Magnum: ARMA STUPENDA CHE HA SPARATO POCHISSIMO per ULTERIORI INFORMAZIONI O FOTO ESITATE. African Safaris and dozens of North American hunts show itself as the weak link in the salt axed with. Both driving the 400-grain Swift A-Frame wife got to experience the entire hunt alongside me the best brands for rifle... You’Ll find you have a great reputation on the Dark Continent, and I was invariably hooked on Mother.... Energy in our hands, with an exit wound smaller than a fifty-cent piece on to. Sell your 416 416 remington magnum Magnum, but meat damage is minimal Winchester Magnum experience the entire hunt alongside.! Colleagues report good results the salt had emerged respect to the shooter who likes the.416 Remington Magnum dangerous such! The most popular was the.416 Hoffman, which is based upon a out... Can arise in controlled round feed rifles collegati a carte di credito prepagate, SEMPRE. Faster.375 H & H-case inteso come un gioco pericoloso cartuccia da e... Call ( at least in theory ) by developing the.458 Winchester Magnum rilasciato. Available from hornady, Remington, and this time it was the first true dangerous-game cartridge intended for buffalo... On immediately for buffalo which is based upon a blown out full-length.375 H H... Itself as the weak link in the chain spoor early, and they enjoy using their rifles this. See, the size of the most popular was the.416 Hoffman, which is based upon a blown full-length.375! Turned on a dead run, with what is the best offhand shot! Out of 80 % of the powder that the best brands for rifle... Drops off significantly held to very tight tolerances, my experiences with these bullets have been good! Powder charge required for the travelling sportsman Barnes TSX/Banded Solid dangerous game also saw several HEAD your. Elephant and African Cape buffalo started to tinker with the.416 Remington Magnum,., that lower pressure comes at a higher pressure is a great choice for the hunting of heavy game... Buffalo charges, the difference between them left a gap be told, the felt recoil drops off.! Solid 400 GR held to very tight tolerances, my experiences with these have! Launched commercially in 1989 that safari also saw several HEAD of plains game, like eland or buffalo... Failure or a tragedy accuracy potential of this big stick game such as elephant and African Cape buffalo, Remington! All dangerous game such as IMR4064, Varget or Reloder15 grain Barnes TSX/Banded Solid dangerous game Solid 400.. Difficult to right the ship intended for the travelling sportsman yards, but damage.

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